Glass frit applicator. Powders, enamel, glaze, sand pen. Glass fusing tool.

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Product Description

This tool has been developed by us with care and for the needs of our customers who work with glass frit, enamel, various powders, fine marble, a sand etc.

This is a drawing applicator, еlectrically cordless pen which allows working cleanly and easily by glass fusing or other materials. The pen allows perfect accuracy and controlling the powder`s, glass`s, enamel`s or sand`s flow, save time and opens up more design scope.

To the pen have been added 5 different attachment nozzles for drawing patterns on your artwork like dots, lines, swirls or just writing a text.
When a device is on (by holding a white button), it begins a vibration which allows the sand to flow from the opening like a liquid. The material must be completely dry.

The device operated by two AA / 1.5 V battery (not included in the packet) and 5 copper nozzles. The nozzles hole can be made to your specific preferences and needs.
• Measure about 5 " (13cm) length of copper container. 2 table spoon (30 ml) capacity, approx.10 мeasuring scoops.
• Nozzle flat opening - 0.04" (1mm), 0.08" (2mm), 0.12" (3mm).
All three are 1/2 inch (1.3mm) width
• Nozzle round opening diameter where the powder, sand, enamel, frit realized - 0.08" (2mm) and 0.12" (3mm)

The kit contains:
• 1 еlectrically cordless device (the battery is not included)
• 1 handmade copper container
• 5 nozzles - 3 flat holes and 2 round holes
• wooden scoop to pour the powder into the container like a little bonus free

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Glass frit applicator. Powders, enamel, glaze, sand pen. Glass fusing tool.

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