Our home studio

We are Iva and Niky and we live in Eastern Europe. My (Iva`s) occupations are twofold: a psychologist and a crafter. Psychology is my second specialty – a road to walk on, granted by the destiny. It is not easy, but fortunately, art therapy has become entwined with my work; my creations are a part of this road – a symbiosis of mind and hands and an act of magic.
Our style is like our East soul - free, inspired by the shapes and colours in nature, the best therapist and teacher.
We work in a small studio, also our home. Niky is the master who likes to work with a wood and a metal. We love and we are inspired by the mysteries of the Rhodope Mountains – our favourite, also by percussions and the world ethnic music. We are proud one of our most enigmatic Bulgarian folklore songs "Izliel e Delyo Hagdutin - Bulgaria" from the region of the Rodopi mountain is included in the Voyager Spacecraft Golden Record as a music message from the Earth to the Far Space.
With an open heart and soul, we deeply believe that each person has their own creative fire. We wish everyone to have the happiness to kindle it.

With best wishes,
Iva and Niky

A part of our income from craft activities we donate to three private organisations in Bulgaria, taking care of wild and domestic animals and pets, victims of human violence or ignorance.

Making Chakpur sand mandala tool
Construction and destruction of a sand Mandala
Customizable with your own caption
Wholesale Chakpur with sticks
New tool for glass fusing! Fast, easy and clean application of any powders!

Chakpur sand drawing tools

Namaste dear customer! Our shop is specialized in unique tools supported your meditation practice and your creative process. The funnel named `Chakpur` are handmade replica of the Tibetan sand painting tool for meditation purpose and can be used like an applicator for another art projects too. Wholesale inquiries welcome!