Chakpur Sand Mandala Tool. Chak Pur Sand Painting Art Tool. Rangoli Tools. Copper Brass Funnel. Glass fusing tool.


Chakpur Sand Mandala Making Tools. Chak Pur Sand Mandala Drawing Set. Rangoli Tools Kit. Copper funnel. Ready to ship.


Chakpur Tools Kit for Sand Mandala Drawing. Sand Art Tool. Mandala Painting Copper Funnel and Supplies. Mandala Making Tools. Rangoli Kit.


Brass Funnel Sand Drawing Tool. Art Mandala Painting Funnel. Chakpur Art Mandala Drawing. Rangoli Brass Tool. Glass fusing tool.


Chakpur sand drawing tools

Namaste dear customer! Our shop is specialized in unique tools supported your meditation practice and your creative process. The funnel named `Chakpur` are handmade replica of the Tibetan sand painting tool for meditation purpose and can be used like an applicator for another art projects too. Wholesale inquiries welcome!